Learn To Swim

Our Learn to Swim programme resumes in Term 4

For more details please contact Crystal.


Our focus is to teach people of all levels to learn To swim and in doing so offer to our community an affordable option for families giving our people the opportunity to learn to swim confidently, be active and have fun.

Swimmers Ability

Level 1

In Level One we will cover:
Water Confidence, Submersion and Floating.
Enter and exit the water safely. Move through the water with feet on the floor. Have water showered or sprinkled over head and blow bubbles. Submerge and pick up objects from the pool floor (with and without goggles). Float on my front and return to standing unsupported. Float on my back and return to standing.
The Graduated Level is: Learn to Swim Level Two

Level 2

In Level Two we will cover:
Gliding, Kicking and Rotation.
Start to learn rotation. Streamline glide on my front and back. Streamline glide and kick on my front. Streamline glide and kick on back. Roll from my front to my back again while kicking. Start to learn breaststroke legs. Demonstrate dolphin and seated dives.
The Graduated Level is: Learn to Swim Level Three


Level 3

In Level Three we will cover:
Stroking and Kicking
Demonstrate freestyle arm stroke while kicking. Start to learn breathing position. Demonstrate backstroke arm strokes while kicking. Demonstrate breaststroke leg action. Demonstrate butterfly leg action.
The Graduated Level is: Learn to Swim Level Four


Level 4

In Level Four we will cover:
Swimming and Survival
Demonstrate freestyle with breathing for 10m. Demonstrate backstroke for 10m. Demonstrate survival backstroke. Scull perfected here. Demonstrate breaststroke arms with kick and introduce timing.
The Graduated Level is: Learn to Swim Level 5

Level 5

In Level Five we will cover:
Swim Four Strokes.
Swim freestyle and backstroke for 25m. Demonstrate butterfly for 10m. Demonstrate a standing/racing dive. Demonstrate tumble turns. Demonstrate breaststroke for 25m
The Graduated Level is: Beginner Lengths

Beginner Lengths is for:
Swimmers who have graduated Level 5.
Introduction to Squad swimming This is our for swimmers who are progressing into length swimming.  These swimmers will be developing stroke, technique, endurance and water safety skills.  They may enter Club Nights and Club Champs.

For all learn to swim enquires contact:

Crystal Barnard

Phone 021 0855 5958