Learn To Swim



Level One to Level four and pathway to Pre-Squad


 Term 1 commences 14th February - 14th April 2022

Registrations OPENING SOON 

9 weeks ( x2 lessons weekly)

Level 1 - Level 4 cost -150

Register for TWO lessons per week Mondays & Wednesdays  OR Tuesdays & Thursdays

We do offer classes for one session a week for 9 weeks for $90 please email us for interest.


Please be advised there will be a booking fee of  3.2%

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Class Levels Learn to swim

Level 1 to 4 classes are 25 minutes 

Level 1 (floating, kicking, and confidence)

Floating on front and back

Ball-X-Y-I progression

Freestyle and backstroke kick with board & without

Building individual swimmers confidence in the water.


Level 2 (kicking and stroking)

Swimmers master balancing and floating with control

Kicking with good aquatic signature

Freestyle and backstroke arms introduced (single arm then full stroke)

Freestyle breathing introduced while kicking


Level 3

Mastering of bilateral breathing in freestyle, board work and kicking exercises

Breastroke arms covered in detail, kick introduced and taught without arms

Sitting /standing streamline dive


Level 4

Breastroke kick incorporated into stroke with pull-kick-glide timing

Freestyle and backstroke comfortable and complete standard board progression with ease

Dive- streamline- breakout

Dolphin kick introduced

Basic tumble turns introduced

Next up after level 4 is Pre-Squads

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